Super-foods to prevent hangovers

Not far off the festive season during which we often abuse alcohol. There are foods that help prevent the development of symptoms of a hangover.

Супер-продукты, которые позволяют предотвратить похмелье

Bananas. They are rich in potassium, which provides the functionality of the muscles and nerves in the body. Alcohol causes our body to lose potassium, so eating bananas before visiting any loud parties will keep it level and avoid a hangover the next day.

Avocado. Another great natural source of potassium, fat and other nutrients. Often add avocado to different meals before drinking, the next day to keep good form.

Eggs. A rich source of protein eggs saturate and prevent excessive absorption of alcohol. They also contain amino acids that contribute to the metabolism of alcohol. Eggs saturated for a long time, so you can avoid eating harmful snacks.

Watermelon. Alcoholic drinks is often a cause of dehydration, especially for those who forgets to drink water along with alcohol. Alternative water can be fruits that contain large amount of fluid. And among them is champion watermelon.

Cheese. Rich in protein, which is retained in the stomach for a long time. This slows the absorption of alcohol by the body and reduces the degree of intoxication the next day. Cheese also contains good carbs and nutrients, it keeps your sugar levels under control.