‘Super Tuesday’: how did a democratic primary and who became leaders of the presidential race

Former us Vice-President Joe Biden won the primaries in at least nine States in the confrontation with progressivism Bernie Sanders, who hopes to secure his nomination as a presidential candidate from the Democratic party. This writes the “Voice of America”.

'Супервторник': как прошли праймериз демократов и кто вырвался в лидеры президентской гонки

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Biden and Sanders fought for delegates in 14 States and the territory of American Samoa where he passed golosovaniia in “super Tuesday” is the most important day of the season of primary elections.

However, the jewel in the crown of the “super Tuesday”, CA, where at stake is the 415 delegates to the party Congress of Democrats, went to Sanders.

Biden also prevailed in another large state — Texas, that directs to the Congress of the 228 delegates.

The Senator from Vermont, opened the evening, counting as the undisputed leader of the Democrats, having won a convincing victory in his home state, Colorado and Utah.

Biden also won in Massachusetts and Oklahoma, the birthplace of another presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, as well as in the southern States, including Virginia, Alabama, North Carolina, Tennessee and Arkansas. It was a signal that it strengthens its status as a leader among the democratic establishment.

Biden also won in Minnesota – a state that Sanders had hoped to get in his piggy Bank, which is a testimony to the popularity of the former Vice-President across the country.

In Maine, the winner has not yet been determined.

“People are talking about revolution. We founded the movement,” said Biden in California.

Sanders attacked Biden victory speech in Vermont. “You can’t win trump’s the same old politics,” he said.

However, he added: “One of the candidates led the opposition to the war in Iraq – announced the Senator from Vermont. – You look at it. Other candidate voted for the war in Iraq.”

Mike Bloomberg won only one victory in American Samoa.

Former new York mayor revisits his campaign on Wednesday, March 4, said close to him a source on condition of anonymity.

Elizabeth Warren has not yet won no victories, even in his native Massachusetts.

In the face of Biden and Sanders Democrats presented a clear choice about which candidate they want to put up against President Donald trump in November.

Sanders – 78-year-old democratic socialist, which relies on an energetic coalition of the left flank of his party to support his long-term struggle for the transformation of the American political and economic system.

77-year-old Biden is considered a leader of the Washington establishment of the Democratic party, which focuses on a pragmatic approach to such key policy issues as health care and climate change.

According to the calculation for the Associated Press, Biden now has the votes 453 delegates to the party Congress, and Sanders – 382.

It is expected, however, that the results can really change in the hours that followed. Some candidates are kept in the region of 15 percent of the vote. In case of overcoming this threshold, they too receive the necessary number of delegates.

For the nomination of the party candidate must get the votes of the 1991 delegate representing the majority of 3979 delegates, obligated to vote in accordance with the results of the primaries.

The names of the official candidates for U.S. President from the major parties we know in the summer of 2020. The national Convention of the Democrats ends July 16, the Republican – August 27. Themselves as presidential elections will be held on 3 November.

The electoral system in the U.S. is very complicated. We offer you to test your knowledge in this area, having passed our test.



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