Supermarkets, the U.S. restricted the sale of meat: what you need to know to the buyers

At Costco and Kroger have limited quantity of fresh meat products to be purchased by each buyer, writes Fox News.

Супермаркеты США ограничили продажу мяса: что нужно знать покупателям

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In response to changing consumer habits in a crisis in pandemic coronavirus, over the weekend network Costco announced that it will implement restrictions on beef products, pork and poultry. Earlier limitations imposed network Kroger: may 3, was announced to “some restrictions on the sale of fresh pork products and ground beef in “selected stores”.

“At Costco restrictions on certain products to help more people to buy the products they want and need,” wrote representatives of the supermarket chain on its official page. — Our customers and suppliers shall make every effort to provide the necessary goods of high demand as well as goods of daily demand.”

For participants this means you can only buy three fresh meat product range beef, pork, or poultry at a time.

The new policy Costco is just one of several implemented in the context of pandemic COVID-19. In the last week of April, the network announced that as of Monday, may 4, customers will be required to wear masks. The company also restricted the number of guests a member can bring to the store, and changed the hours of operation (however, on 1 may, Costco announced that “most” warehouses will return to normal operation in early may).

Costco does not disclose specific reasons for limiting the sale of meat, although industry analysts and insiders warned of a possible shortage of meat throughout the food supply chain since the beginning of April. Since then, several major national meat processing plants, including those operated by Smithfield Foods and Tyson Foods, was forced to close in connection with outbreaks of coronavirus or personnel problems arising from the crisis.

“Things are different now, so in the next couple of weeks we should see how the system works, said at the end of April the representative of the supply chain of food Sarah little, a representative of the North American meat Institute. System never passed such a test as now.”