Superwoman and the console wars: what awaits us in 2020

What will happen and what to talk about in 2020? It turned edition of the BBC, it has gathered a selection of people and events that will attract worldwide attention.

Суперженщины и консольные войны: что нас ждет в 2020 году

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Elections in the United States

To make predictions about presidential elections in the USA even earlier.

In the end, now in the midst of the process of impeachment of US President Donald trump and the Democratic party hasn’t even chosen a candidate.

But in any case, great importance in the elections on November 3 will be fighting for seats in the Senate.

The control of the upper house facilitates — or, conversely, to complicate — the lives of presidents as the Senate has the final word on legislation, the budget and the appointment of judges.

Now the Republicans have 53 of the 100 seats, but the party of trump will have to defend 23 seats in the election, compared to only 12 for the Democrats, who already have control of the lower house of representatives.

Trump may be re-elected, but if you change the balance of power in the Senate, it will greatly complicate his life.

New Arab spring?

In the second half of 2019 protests rocked Iraq, Egypt and Lebanon (Algeria and Sudan are faced with them in the first half), and it got people talking about the new “Arab spring.”

The name given to the wave of uprisings that swept many Arab countries in 2011.

“The four countries that witnessed waves of protests in 2019, Algeria, Sudan, Iraq and Lebanon are the countries that are left without the “Arab spring” in 2011,” says Dalia Ghanem, researcher of the Center of the Middle East Carnegie.

“It’s a new season of discontent,” she adds.

But to go on any demos in 2020, or perhaps even increase?

“This wave of public discontent is likely to spread to other countries,” says Ishak Sofa, an expert on the Arab world and Professor at the University of PSL in Paris.

“The main difference from the first wave of 2011’s economic conditions. Growth slowed down, public debt rose, and unemployment increased,” he adds.

“Therefore, if the driving force of the pre-uprising (2011) was a struggle for dignity, today to protest people rather expels hunger,” says Couch.

Is there anybody out there?

The existence of planets outside our Solar system for a long time — from late 1990-ies found them over 4000.

But the launch of the space telescope “Cheops” December 18, began a new era in the study: over the next three years, the spacecraft of the European space Agency will closely eyeing 400-500 ekzoplaneta.

He will explore several characteristics of the planets to determine “promising topics” next generation “researchers” refers to space telescope James Webb (JWST) NASA, which will launch in 2021.

The election, which carefully monitor Beijing

In recent months, China had a lot of problems because of the protests in Hong Kong, however, in the beginning of next year before its leaders will be new challenges.

Taiwan — the island that China considers its province, but it actually independent from China after the coming to power of the Communist government after the Second world war.

And 11 January there will be presidential elections.

For Beijing, the possible bad news: polls show that President Tsai Inven has great chances of re-election.

Democratically progressive party Tsai has a strong nationalist stance and defends the independence, helped by the strengthening of the protests in Hong Kong.

In the latest survey, published on December 17, Ms. Cai was ahead of his main opponent by 38 points.

African lions on the lookout

30 may 2019 entered into force the African continental free trade area (AfCFTA). World’s largest free trade zone by number of participating countries (54).

It was called “the political, economic and diplomatic milestone” that will promote growth on the continent — the international monetary Fund has estimated that a trade deal could help boost economic prosperity for the continent as a whole from two to four percent.

Free trade is expected to start in July, as expected, it will be an incentive for business among African countries: exports among the States of the continent was less than 20% of the total trade in 2018, which is much lower than in Asia (59%) and Europe (69% ).

A new star in the Olympic firmament

The Olympics gave the world many young geeks.

American competitive diver Marjorie Hasting was only 13 years old when she won the gold medal at the Berlin games in 1936 and became the youngest official Olympic champion — although it is believed that unknown French boy at the age of 7-10 years helped the Dutch rowing team to win the top prize at the Olympic games in Paris in 1900.

Skye brown wants to break this record.

In an era where the elite competition is much tougher than 80 years ago, 11-year-old British skateboarder received a bronze medal at the world Cup in September 2019 and will become the youngest olimpiykoy the UK if she will be eligible to participate in the Games in Tokyo.

Games will be held from 24 July to 9 August, and this year’s program to debut skateboarding, climbing, surfing, karate and softball.

In several countries, malaria will disappear?

Malaria is a disease that is transmitted by mosquitoes in 2018 has killed more than 405 000 people — with 228 million cases reported by the world health organization.

The good news is that the number of cases worldwide has declined, and nine countries in 2020 can completely eradicate the disease.

Among them, in particular, can be China. This was previously the most populous country on Earth had about 30 million cases and 300 thousand deaths per year from malaria.

Iran, Belize, El Salvador, Suriname, Guinea-Bissau, Bhutan, East Timor and Malaysia — also on the way to getting rid of this disease.

The who shows that of the 91 countries that are in risk zones, 38 have already eradicated the disease.

On the screen — superwoman

Hollywood has a lot of new products planned for 2020, but among them stands out vividly one trend — starring in movies about superheroes were women.

In addition to the new film series “Wonder woman”, on the screens worldwide will show the adventures of the Black widow character played by Scarlett Johansson in the franchise “the Avengers”.

Villains, too, will find its place: if in 2019 brightly shone the star of the Joker, in the year 2020 will be the year of his mistress and accomplice Harley Quinn.

“The last one” the return of the spy chief

“No time to die” — the 25th film in the James bond series (although it was still three films that usually are not considered “official”) will be the last appearance of British actor Daniel Craig in the role.

Of course, there is a lot of talk and theories about the next incarnation of the famous secret agent, especially considering that in the film, Craig plays bond in retirement, which, among others, is faced with a new asset “00”.

“Effect Greta” will affect travel

“Slow travel” came up a few years ago as another direction, “slow-motion” culture and a General slowdown of the rhythm of life.

However, the promotion of “the advantages of trains over planes” has acquired a new meaning after the climate activist Greta Thunberg made it part of his campaign against climate change.

To reduce its carbon footprint, she travels long distances by train instead of flying, and even sailed across the Atlantic to speak at the UN in new York.

Although other travelers may not go so far slow travel has identified one of the leading trends in the tourism industry in 2020, in particular the Association of British travel agents (ABTA).

Future VSCO

15-year-old American Emma Marie is one of the apologists VSCO, a trend that spread across the web like wildfire. Her YouTube account has over 1,000,000 subscribers.

VSCO is a teenage subculture informal fashion with a green twist.

Its name is derived from the name of the program to edit and share images, and the New York Times described it as “relaxed environmental aesthetics”.

A sign that is more than a fleeting trend, is that the movement VSCO impact on business: survey in the USA found a reduction in costs for make-up among adolescent girls, by 21% in 2019.

The Rise Of Billy Iles

When in November announced the nomination of the 62 award “Grammy”, many were talking about the defeat of the South Korean pop group BTS.

Representatives of the current K-POP does not fit into a single category, despite the fact that hitting record after record in the music industry.

This talk was somewhat overshadowed by the breakthrough of Billy Iles.

17-year-old American singer and songwriter has received nominations for all the top prizes — in particular the song of the year, record of the year, album of the year and best new artist.

In 2020 it will start its first world tour of 42 concerts on three continents.

Console war

Prepare your payment card: in 2020, and Sony and Microsoft will release a new gaming console.

Sony’s PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Project from Microsoft to be released in the end of the year and promise to bring video games to a new level, especially in relation to graphics.

Both products are still shrouded in mystery, although insiders of the gaming industry suggest that the console will cost about $ 500.

Microsoft is trying to overcome the dominance of Sony: as of October 2019 Sony has sold over 100 million units of the PS4 worldwide, more than twice the sales of an equivalent product Microsoft — Xbox One (43 million), according to consulting firm VG Chartz.