Suppliers of medical masks have raised prices more than ten times

Average prices for medical masks on Prozorro in March 2020 rose more than ten times compared with the beginning of the year.

Поставщики медицинских масок подняли цены более, чем в десять раз

Such data are the Transparency International Ukraine, reports Wave.

So, according to the study, state customers from 1 January to 28 March bought almost 2.5 million medical masks for 25 million.

For obvious reasons, most of the masks I purchased in March with 1.8 million

However, such purchases have been carried out earlier in February I bought a 547 thousand, and in January to 108 thousand

In January 2020 medical mask customers to buy an average of 0,68-1,5 UAH, in February — 0,7-3,2 UAH.

However, in March there was a sudden jump in the prices soared to 10-25 UAH. apiece.

Top 5 suppliers of the masks were only 2 two companies specializing in medicine.

The others quickly switched to medical products with other activities.

According to Transparency International Ukraine, is — automotive and construction companies.

In addition, Phil, who previously sold clothes and shoes, and before meat.