Supply management: Éric Duhaime changes his mind on the eve of his meeting with the UPA

Offer management: Éric Duhaime changes his mind on the eve of his meeting with the ;UPA


In the past, Éric Duhaime proved to be a harsh critic of supply management, which he described as a “cartel” defending the “hard fat producers of the system”. On the eve of his meeting with the UPA, he claims to have progressed on this subject.

“We pay $400 to $500 more per year for our grocery basket to give monopolies and cartels or quasi-monopolies to certain producers of dairy products, poultry or eggs”, was indignant Éric Duhaime in 2018 on the airwaves of FM93.

“So, that means that Donald Trump is defending the Quebec and Canadian consumer and our governments and our political parties in Quebec who are unanimous are defending a cartel and defending the hard fat producers of the system”, he added.

Confronted with these remarks on Wednesday, on the eve of his meeting with the Union des producteurs agricole (UPA), the Conservative leader first argued that supply management is a federal responsibility and that his party's program does not contain nothing about it.

But does he still believe that supply management is a cartel? “My personal opinions don't matter,” he answered the Journal question. I have met many farmers since then, I even have two dairy farmers who are part of our team of candidates as you know […]. Then, they convinced me that this is really not the priority in agricultural matters.”

Asked to clarify his opinion on the matter a little more, Éric Duhaime said he was “sensitive” to the argument that protectionist measures in the United States justify ours remaining in place to avoid putting Quebec farmers in a position of vulnerability to competition.

Supply management is a national agricultural policy framework that aims to coordinate the supply and demand of dairy products, eggs, chicken and turkey in Canada.