Support staff schools is preparing for a strike on 7 October (PHOTO)

Вспомогательный персонал школ готовится к забастовке 7 октября (ФОТО)

Thousands of education workers across Ontario are ready to start a strike on Monday.

In Canadian Union of public employees (CUPE), which represents over 55,000 educators, reported that a notice of five days necessary to comply with legal requirements to start a strike, was granted.

This week staff including technical and office workers, and educators began a campaign to “work strictly by the rules”.

Technical workers stopped to remove the corridors and make the trash cans near schools, office workers stopped looking for the replacement of absent employees and education workers have stopped working overtime.

The Union has stated its willingness to return to the negotiating table to avoid starting full-scale strike.

Education Minister Stephen Lecce said Tuesday that CUPE has adopted the government’s proposal for new dates for the resumption of the procedure of finding a solution to the conflict.

But the Union denied this information, saying that no date had yet been proposed, and the parties are too far apart on the basic positions to return to the negotiating table.