Supported Russia: the journalist caught in a scandal over statements about the war in the Donbas

Поддержал Россию: журналист попал в громкий скандал из-за заявления о войне на Донбассе

American political commentator Tucker Carlson aired his program on the Fox News channel, said that supported Russia in the Ukraine conflict. However, at the end of the program the journalist called his statement a joke.

As writes the Daily Beas, Carlson’s guest, a former adviser to Hillary Clinton, Richard Goodstein, discussed the important issue — the impeachment of President Trump.

There was a heated discussion about alleged pressure on trump Zelensky, about the involvement of former us Vice-President Joe Biden and his son hunter of delinquency in Ukraine. During the conversation the journalist asked the official why Americans should care about the problems of Ukraine.

The response of Goodstein that “people are dying on the frontline”, was interrupted by host.

“Why would I care what happens in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine? I’m serious. Why can’t I cheer for Russia? What I do,” said the leader.

Then Carlson ironic comment on the anxiety of Goodstein about the aggressive policy of Russia.

At the end of your transmission when social networks began to quote his remarks, the journalist said that his words about Russia and the conflict was a joke.

“I’m sick just for America — mocking the obsession that many have left”, — said the presenter.

We will remind, after a telephone conversation between trump and Zelensky in the United States have launched impeachment proceedings, accusing the President trump the pressure on the Ukrainian colleague. In addition, trump has ordered to freeze military assistance to Ukraine.

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