Sur les Plaines at the FEQ: “A big step for Latin music” –Luis Fonsi

On the Plains at the FEQ: “A great stage for Latin music» &ndash ;Luis Fonsi


Now that country seems to have screwed up its feet for good on the Plains of Abraham, the Festival d'été de Québec will take a new gamble this evening, by assigning Luis Fonsi as headliner for the first Latin music night in its history.

This is also an amazing first for the creator of Despacito. Not only has Fonsi never played in Quebec City, but this is a first in Canada for the 44-year-old Puerto Rican-born artist. 

“It's a big step for Latin music. I will give it my all. There is never another first time, ”promised, in an interview with Journal, the one whose mission will be to seduce a French-speaking audience. 

“It’s exciting to sing in front of a new crowd, especially when it’s different from your traditional audience. I have done this many times over the past five years. In the Middle East or Eastern Europe, for example, and I was able to connect with the crowd because music is a universal language. » 

The world has opened up

Even though he has had a career for twenty-three years, Luis Fonsi mentions the last five years because they correspond to the release of Despacito, the planetary hit with billions of online plays that allowed Latin music to reach the general public. 

“Before, my career was based only in Spanish-speaking countries. Afterwards, the world opened up: Australia, China, Russia, all of Europe. I already had some fans in European countries, but with Despacito, I went to a whole new level.

He owes a lot of credit to Justin Bieber, who put the song on while recording an English remix. “It's huge what he's done. I particularly appreciate that he sang the chorus in Spanish. Not many people know, but we had a full English version sent to him, but he took the time to learn Spanish phonetics. That's wonderful. » 

Sensual, not sexual

Another aspect of Despacito that goes unmentioned lies in Luis Fonsi's decision to team up with author Erika Ender in order to obtain a female point of view to tell the carnal game of seduction between a man and a woman. 

“I've always been very careful and strict about the lyrics of my songs. They can sometimes be sensual, but never sexual. Above all, they must never have a disrespectful tone towards women.

“Some artists, he continues, are a lot more aggressive and I respect that, but I am not. I write a lot with women. It is important. If you want to write a sexy song, and without a doubt Despacito is one, it has to always be fun and respectful. With a woman by my side, I make sure that nothing will be misunderstood. » 

♦ Luis Fonsi in concert on the Plains of Abraham, at 10 p.m. tonight, with Becky G and Alex Sensation opening for it.