Surgeons found the man a new body

During endoscopic surgery, by studying the bile duct the gastrointestinal tract of man, American surgeons almost accidentally discovered a network of microchannels that permeate the connective tissue and filled with fluid.

Хирурги нашли у человека новый орган

According to doctors, this group of cells can be considered a human organ, which up to this time nothing was known.

Previously it was believed that tissues surrounding the bile duct, have a homogeneous and dense structure. Therefore, surgeons first suggested that the detected channels may be capillaries. However, the blood capillaries are painted in darker color, but the new microscopic channels in comparison was much lighter.

Summarizing the obtained data, the authors assumed that have discovered a new organ in the human body, which previously was not known. Further work in this direction allowed the researchers to conclude that the new body is “stored” about twenty percent of the fluid contained in the human body. Also, scientists have hypothesized that the network of microscopic channels filled with liquid, can perform a protective cushioning function against internal organs.