Surkis called the penalty “the Dynamo” “a complete mess”

Суркис назвал наказание "Динамо" "полным беспределом"

Ihor Surkis

The President “Dynamo” Igor Surkis commented on the punishment from the FTC Ukrainian Association football (UAF) for racist behaviour of fans of Kiev in the match of the 14th round of the Favbet League “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo” (1:0).

Recall that the capital club were fined 500 thousand hryvnia, and will play one match without spectators.

“The correct word to describe the situation is a mess. This is a complete outrage against “Dynamo” and our fans”, – quotes the President his press-service “the Dynamo”.

“It’s hard to explain from any point of view. Judge for yourself on the events of the match “Shakhtar” – “Dynamo” is under investigation at the level of the national police. Our club encourages this investigation, we are most interested in its successful completion. At the moment investigations are ongoing, and we have been punished in full”, – said Surkis Junior.

“The FTC not only gave us the maximum penalty, but somehow came up with holding a home game without spectators. And who in this situation punished? FC “Dinamo” (Kiev), which consistently and fundamentally fighting against all forms of discrimination in football? Thousands of our fans who regularly go to the matches in Kiev and due to which Dynamo is the most visited team of Ukraine?” – asks the rhetorical question the President of “Dynamo”.

“I can’t find answers to these questions. No one can clearly explain how can I close the home arena of “Dynamo” for the probable (still under investigation) violations at an away stadium? It is one hundred percent biased solution with respect to both the team and its fans.

Look at the rostrum of the Ukrainian stadiums are almost empty. Our club will defend the principles of zero tolerance to any discrimination in football. In particular, deprivation of the right of fans to support their favorite team,” summed up Ihor Surkis.