Surveillance, control and arrests: in Israel fight coronavirus

The Israeli authorities took emergency measures to monitor compliance with the rules of quarantine, the BBC reports.

Слежка, контроль и аресты: как в Израиле борются с коронавирусом

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Intelligence agencies have received permission to track the movement of people through their mobile phones without notice.

The network published the footage, which shows how people in biohazard suits hold a man because he escaped from the hospital, after a positive test result for the 2019 coronavirus-nCoV. Police tracked the man via his mobile phone.

Isolation of suspected cases are stringently checked by the police to ring the home phone and walks around the apartments. Healthy people are forbidden to go outside unless absolutely necessary, parks and public places are patrolled by if patrol detects a walk with the children of the people, they ask them to go home.

The Israeli defence Minister Naftali Bennett said that the time has come “to choose between the right to privacy and, in fact, life.”

As reported ForumDaily:

  • In the night of Friday, March 20, the Israeli government approved a new decree on state of emergency, giving the country a full quarantine. The decision was approved unanimously during a telephone vote.
  • On Friday evening, March 20, at the Jerusalem hospital “Shaarei-Tzedek” died 88-year-old man who was diagnosed with the disease COVID-19, 2019 caused by coronavirus-nCoV. He came here a week ago in serious condition and were sent to special detention center.