Suspect in the murder of Chechen khangoshvili in Berlin has stated that he is a citizen of the Russian Federation (PHOTO)

Suspect in the murder of Georgian citizen Zelimkhan khangoshvili in Berlin said the representatives of the Russian Embassy, which is a citizen of the Russian Federation, reports “Interfax” with reference to the press attache of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Germany Oleg Ksenofontov.

“He stated that he is a Russian citizen. It was declared to them. Not by chance, he asked our Embassy to come to consular officials”, – said the press attache of the Agency on Friday, responding to a question whether the Russian Embassy any documents from the German authorities, indicating that the suspect is a citizen of the Russian Federation.

According to Ksenofontova, after arrest, the suspect asked for a meeting with Russian diplomats. “Our coming. Said, “If you need our help, then we’re ready.” That is, the Germans absolutely fine made our own, have had no problems,” – said the press attache.

He stressed that he had not seen any official documents confirming the citizenship of the suspect.

“Usually people ask the representatives of his Embassy, only this we can proceed”, he said.

The Embassy representative also said that during the investigation with German law enforcement agencies contact the consular staff and representatives of the Russian interior Ministry.

Sensational murder case in Berlin, which on August 23 occurred in the Small Park Tiergarten in the centre of town, was dedicated a number of publications in the Russian media when the international investigative journalists has indicated that this murder can stand the Russian special services.

A Georgian citizen of Chechen origin Zelimkhan khangoshvili was killed in Berlin on August 23 around noon in the area of the Small Tiergarten on the way to the mosque. The offender fired two shots at the victim, khangoshvili died on the spot.

In a joint investigation of the German magazine Spiegel, the British online edition of Bellingcat and the Russian edition of The Insider concluded that the suspect in the murder of citizen of Georgia in Berlin may be an employee of the Russian special services.

Killed was a field commander of the Chechen separatists, and fought against Russia in the second Chechen war. In Germany, he sought refuge after repeated attempts on his life in Georgia. In Russia he was wanted on charges of terrorism.

According to the magazine Spiegel, the documents filed for a visa, the man indicated that his name is “Vadim A. Sokolov 49 years of Irkutsk” with a residence permit in St. Petersburg. “In the Russian national passport register anyone with such data no. In the whole of Russia or in the passport database, no database no driver’s license of a person with the following data – name, date and place of birth”, – stated in the publication.

In addition, the authors argue, the passport number of the suspect “leads to the division of the Moscow interior Ministry, which has in the past issued documents military intelligence GRU”.

The family of the deceased also stated that in 2009, Zelimkhan tried to poison unknowns, in 2015 in Georgia there was an attempted assassination – he was shot. After that, he asked for asylum in Germany and had used the documents in different names. In the sanctuary the man was denied on Friday he was found shot in the Berlin district of Moabit.

The official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova on August 28 said that the Russian Embassy in Berlin has not yet received confirmation that the detainee on suspicion in murder of the citizen of Georgia in the capital of Germany is a citizen of Russia.

“Clarified the details and the circumstances of the detention. I specifically tried to find out if anyone saw the documents on account of the fact that this man is a Russian citizen. While operate only copies of documents any documents that our representatives are not seen,” – said Zakharov.

The Kremlin has denied any involvement of Russia to the murder in Berlin, which is suspected of a citizen of the Russian Federation.