Suspended second-last in the world still the current national football championship

Приостановили предпоследний в мире еще действующий национальный чемпионат по футболу

Football Federation Australia (FFA) announced that it has postponed the final rounds of the season the Hyundai A-League 2019/20, according to the official FFA website.

This decision is the latest in a series of measures imposed by FFA in response to the continuing spread of coronavirus COVID-19, and is received with unanimous support from all clubs in the Hyundai A-League. FFA will review the situation in the coming weeks with further formal assessment of the status, which is scheduled for April 22.

The clubs and players have informed FFA that they would be willing to continue if the competition can resume.

“We have made the very difficult decision to reschedule the final matches of the A-League, and it takes effect immediately. It is the unanimous decision of the football Federation and all clubs in the League,” said the head of the football Federation of Australia James Johnson.

Note that in Australia, 1973 recorded case of infection with coronavirus, of which 8 have become mortal, and 118 recovered.

Recall that the pandemic coronavirus all European Championships, except Belarus, which was suspended, and the teams went into quarantine.