Suspicious package: Police find explosive device in car in Edmonton

Suspicious package: Police find explosive device in car in Edmonton< /p> UPDATE DAY

When called to respond to an assault case in Edmonton, Alberta, officers found an improvised explosive device in a car last Sunday. 

C It was around 12:30 p.m. Sunday that officers attended a west-end residence for an assault case, “Global News” reported.

Authorities say Brian Webster allegedly threatened two people, “demanding they drive him to buy drugs.”

In a statement Tuesday morning, the Edmonton Police Department said the 32-year-old suspect , allegedly assaulted a woman before leaving with her. The police were reportedly able to locate the car and thus arrest the man.

“During the arrest, an improvised explosive device was found inside the car,” said clarified the police force, stating that the unit specializing in explosives was able to disarm the device.

A joint operation between police and firefighters

On Sunday, the Service of Edmonton Fire said it was called to respond to a suspicious package file.

A scene was set up in the parking lot of a gas station where a black vehicle was located. Investigators also attended.

No other explosive devices were found when officers searched the suspect's home.

Brian Webster is now facing charges. charges of possession of an IED, uttering threats, kidnapping, assault with a weapon, breach of conditions and violation of a firearms ban.