Svetlana Loboda celebrated his 37th birthday in the company of till Lindemann

The singer and the main “superstar” of the country has long been fueling rumors of a romance with the lead singer of Rammstein. His 37th birthday Svetlana Loboda spent in the company of till Lindemann, who just flew in for the occasion.

Светлана Лобода отметила свой 37-й день рождения в компании Тилля Линдеманна

October 18, celebrated her birthday Svetlana Loboda. The actress chose to celebrate the birthday party late at night and had a party of my intimate friends, producers, colleagues and, of course, the daughter of Evangelina as well as a… till Lindemann. On this solemn occasion the lead singer of Rammstein arrived in St. Petersburg (where Loboda gave a concert) and spent the evening with the birthday girl. In addition, the party called for another musician Peter Tagtgren.

Svetlana posted in his Instagram a photo with the guests of the evening, which is conveniently located next to the Till. One thing that could provoke another wave of rumors about the relationship of artists, but this time Loboda went on. The picture shows the singer holding a German soloist hand.

For this reason, in comments to the post started a lively discussion. Many noted that the stars look great together and even considered “engagement” ring on the ring finger of the right hand Loboda. However, most likely, it is a common decoration.

Anyway, “your day” (or rather, “its night”) artist spent in the company of close people with whom she was truly happy. Loboda wrote numerous instagram history and also boasted a large number of bouquets that were presented to her guests. Edition joins congratulations and wishes Svetlana success!