Svetlana Loboda hinted at an affair with Till Lindemann

A couple of years there are rumors that Ukrainian singer Svetlana Loboda is found with the lead singer of the German rock band Rammstein with Till Lindemann, but none of the celebrities is still not confirmed this information.

Светлана Лобода намекнула на роман с Тиллем Линдеманном

However, all the secret sooner or later becomes apparent, according to the with reference to

So, in an interview for the show “Gaz.Live” the 36-year-old actress let slip that she’s not allowed to talk about my beloved man, because she signed a contract that forbids her to discuss my personal life and call the name of the father of his second daughter Tilda.

After that, Loboda did not come back to this thread, but in an interview for the YouTube channel scandalous leading Ksenia Sobchak, the Ukrainian still had to talk about your man.

The journalist asked Svetlana what kind of contract she said in an interview with rapper Busta and why she took on such strange conditions.

I’m not in slavery, and love– briefly replied the artist.

After that, Loboda said Sobchak, so she asked her what she thought of the till Lindemann. Ksenia has granted the request of the singer, after that she said that he’s just awesome man.

When your path meets a man for whom you can, as they say, “cave”, next to which you can be a little kitty and you want it, you feel a sense of duty — you feel great,– explained the singer.

Svetlana added that she likes long-distance relationships, when her favorite people come for a few days, and then travels to another country on business.

You have love, then this person leaves, and you feel good because they can carry out their work. A month later the man comes again, and once again, you love, gifts for daughters in the form of a fly and so on, – shared Loboda.

Note that Tilla had seen on dates with the singer and her eldest daughter Eva, whose 56-year-old musician gave his amulet in the form of a fly.