Svetlana Loboda requires before each performance a new kettle

The promoter told what the requirements Svetlana Loboda presents to the organizers of his concerts. Before every show she must provide a new kettle, as well as perform a number of other conditions.

Светлана Лобода требует перед каждым выступлением новый чайник

According to Sergey Lavrov, the representative of the celebrity, his memory there is a case where Svetlana Loboda got stale kettle with traces of limescale, causing the scandal broke. To convince the star that all items on its rider were observed, was only when she showed a receipt to indicate when the appliance was purchased. In addition, in the dressing room of the singer should stand drinks with “restaurant supply”. There is an important condition on the number of people in the hall. Before the show appears on the scene, the representative of the singer, studying the number of visitors. If the performance is sold out, the organizers must pay the premium fee to the artist.