Svetlana Loboda shared photos from the birthday of the youngest daughter

In may last year popular singer Svetlana Loboda became a mother for the second time — the star gave birth to a girl called Tilda. A year since the birth of her daughter Loboda noted in the spring, however pictures from the celebration shared just now.

Светлана Лобода поделилась снимками со дня рождения младшей дочери

The occasion, apparently, was quite magnificent and went into one of the cafes, which is specially decorated for the birthday girls: from big balls were drawn up name, a Tilde, and the English letters, and pink balloons were scattered across the floor. Other details of the celebration Svetlana chose not to disclose.

Светлана Лобода поделилась снимками со дня рождения младшей дочери

Светлана Лобода поделилась снимками со дня рождения младшей дочери

37-year-old Loboda today generally indulge in nostalgia. A few hours before the celebratory shots she has published some of his photos taken when she was nine months pregnant.

As told by the singer, then she, along with her stylist, costume designer “confess newStyle for promotizer #SUPERSTAR”. We are talking about made a lot of noise the video star Superstar, in which she performed a twerk.

Interestingly, the name of the father of his second daughter Svetlana Loboda still has not called. However, many believe that it is the lead singer of Rammstein’s til Lindemann (in the opinion of the public, and the name of the girl she was chosen not by accident). The face of his youngest daughter Loboda hides, so that fans can make the diagnosis on a photo (or in this case to present their version as to who looks like a girl) was again left out of work. However, some fans of Svetlana, this did not prevent to write that Tilde — “like Lindemann”.

But the older daughter, eight-year-old me, was really exciting that Loboda gave birth to choreographer Alexander King, a celebrity does not hide and often shows it in your Instagram.