Svetlana Loboda showed “a guy that spends days and nights”

Famous Ukrainian singer, songwriter and TV presenter Svetlana Loboda on the page in Instagram showed subscribers “guy spends his days and nights.” In this way the original singer announced the release of the new album again postponed, this time for November.

Светлана Лобода показала «парня, с которым проводит дни и ночи»

Svetlana Loboda – in-demand singer, with an impressive army of fans in different countries, it is not surprising that her personal life is of interest to many. This is especially true of the identity of the father of the youngest daughter of a celebrity, but this secret is carefully hidden, and fans can only speculate. In a recent publication Loboda with humor introduced his “guy”, explaining that it was with him last week spends days and nights, but then it “dispelled the intrigue.” It turned out, the photo next to the singer captures the sound producer Vadim Lisitsa, intensively recorded for the new album songs.

Announced album Svetlana Loboda needs to be completed by November and then held its official presentation. While the singer and her team are working hard on the project, literally spending days together and nights as a result and love the fans, probably more important than the rest.