Svitolina will play the match in China on his birthday (photo)

Свитолина не сыграет матч в Китае в свой день рождения (фото)

The strongest tennis player of Ukrainian Elina Svitolina from Odessa, occupying third place in the women’s WTA rankings, said on 12 September his 25th anniversary. It is noteworthy that on this day our compatriot had to start the tournament in the Chinese Zhengzhou match with Yulia Putintseva of Kazakhstan, but unfavourable weather conditions the match was moved to Friday, September 13.

Thus, the holiday Elina could dedicate yourself. In particular, she shared with her followers on Instagram a funny baby photo. “Mentally returned to a time when the last time was flexible“, signed the tennis player.

Свитолина не сыграет матч в Китае в свой день рождения (фото)

Congratulated Elina and her boyfriend Gael Monfils. “Happy birthday my love. You changed my life much more than people think, “wrote the Frenchman under a joint photo.

Свитолина не сыграет матч в Китае в свой день рождения (фото)

Some interesting facts from the biography of the first racket of Ukraine.

1. Elina was born in a sports family. Father wrestled and mother rowing. Brother Julian came to tennis at age 9, but for guys this age is considered late in professional sports. Four-year Elina went to school with his brother and took in hand the racket, despite the fact that she was more the girl herself. It tells the father of the athlete, the daughter first played tennis balls, and then repeated the exercise for a brother. By the way, in addition to sports Elina childhood also attended acting school that now helps it to be not as receptive as many girls, and not to bother due to small failures, which is very important in tennis.

Свитолина не сыграет матч в Китае в свой день рождения (фото)The parents of the tennis player – his father Michael and mother Helen

Свитолина не сыграет матч в Китае в свой день рождения (фото)Older brother Julian, through which Elina started playing tennis

2. Player in interviews often talks about his diet. Your day Svitolina starts with porridge, scrambled eggs and yogurt, coffee does not use. And among favorite dishes — soup, which prepares her mother. By the way, she Svitolina also knows and loves to cook. Their signature dish called porridge quinoa with cooked vegetables. In addition, once Elina on his page on Instagram said: “the Only way to win my love is to take me to a Ukrainian restaurant“. Apparently, it picked up the “keys” to the current Ukrainian her beloved Gael Monfils…

3. Loves dogs, but snakes and spiders, on the contrary, is terrified. Elina also has a toy dog that she carries all the competitions, starting from childhood. It is recognized that the faithful mascot never missed a tournament. In addition, Elina has another necklace with the state emblem of Ukraine, made specifically for team tennis. Also, in addition to sports uniforms, Ukrainian always puts a couple of formal dresses. Among them are outfits authorship mother of athletes. Thus Svitolina thanked your mom for everything she has done for her.

“FACTS” join the numerous congratulations to the tennis player on this festive day and wish Elina continue to delight the huge army of her fans is winning performance on the world tennis courts.


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