Sweden spent 1.8 million euros on the search for ‘Russian submarine’, which took the broken buoy weather service (PHOTO)

Швеция потратила 1,8 млн евро на поиск 'русской подлодки', за которую приняли сломанный буй метеослужбы (ФОТО)

Naval forces of Sweden spent 1.8 million euros on the nonexistent Russian submarine allegedly violated the border in the Baltic sea, reports Svenska Dagdladet.

The incident occurred in 2014, RBC. The Swedish Navy has intercepted a coded signal that is taken for a highly directional transmission from a Russian submarine. On her search as part of operation “eagle”, which lasted a week, spent 20 million euros (1,8 mln euros). After the operation the Minister of defence of Sweden Peter Hultqvist claimed that the country’s armed forces “received confirmation that in Swedish waters was a foreign submarine”, RIA “Novosti”.

Then it became clear that the source was faulty buoy meteorologists. In may 2015 the Ministry of defence of Sweden realized their mistake. However, the Swedish Parliament was informed about this only four months later, when the deputies have approved additional defense spending, including under the program of detecting submarines.

The defense Ministry argued from the outset that the Russian boats in the area. Foreign media speculated that he used a mini-submarine. However, the Russian defense Ministry noted that a small or midget submarine could not be in Swedish waters, because they generally have no in the battle of the Navy.

In the Federation Council laughed at how Swedish military spend money to fight imaginary threats. “In Sweden ready to take over “foreign” ( i.e. Russian) submarine broken buoy; the sunken submarine in 1916 the Russian Empire; the snag, which was immediately mistaken for a periscope, and a Dolphin or seal. Just to start a “broad military operation” and spend the 20 million euros,” – said the Senator, the Professor and honored worker of culture Alexei Pushkov in his microblog on Twitter.