Sweet carbonated water causes cancer: reports of doctors

Scientists have found a possible link consumption of soft drinks with premature death and Parkinson’s disease. The study involved 451,7 thousand people, the health of which is observed for 16 years.

Сладкая газированная вода вызывает рак: сообщения врачей

The researchers compared the health of people who drink soft drinks two or more cups per day with those who drank less than one Cup per month.

It is noted that on average, people consume a lot of soda and other soft drinks, were younger, more often were smokers, had more physical activity. Representatives of this group had increased mortality from all causes. It does not matter, they drank drinks with sugar or with sweeteners.

So, increased risk of dying from cardiovascular disease is associated with frequent drinking of beverages with artificial sweeteners. And death from failure of the digestive system were more frequent among fans of drinks with sugar.

While scientists have not found a connection between soda and cancer diseases.

For the first time identified a link with increased risk of dying from Parkinson’s disease, although Alzheimer’s disease such dependence is not revealed.

The researchers note that it is only correlations, i.e. statistical dependencies.

“We have no prevailing hypothesis on the relationships that we observed. Perhaps this result is false. Presently there is a need for more epidemiological and experimental studies to further examine this Association,” said study author Dr. Neil Murphy.