SWIFT will be enabled: the borders of Zakhod have had the same decision

SWIFT will be enabled: the borders of Sunset could be resolved Irina POLISCHUK, “FACTS”

Schodo the situation with the inclusion of the global payment system SWIFT for Russia. Yak & nbsp; zaznachiv at & nbsp; svoєmu Facebook mіnіstr zakordonnih ref Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba, ofіtsіyne rіshennya slit & nbsp; not & nbsp; decoration, ale vzhe rozpochalasya tehnіchna pіdgotovka to & nbsp; uhvalennya rіshennya that & nbsp; vprovadzhennya tsієї sanktsії

& laquo;. Mi & nbsp ;grizzly-grizzly i wigrizzly. The entire vertical of Ukrainian diplomacy practiced — from the President of Ukraine to attashe at Ukrainian embassy  —having voted the honorary of the MZS.

Vodnoch vіn podyakuvav thousands of people, zokrema ukrainian diaspora, like embossed on dimension to support this decision.

Diplomats ascribe to Ukrainian defensemen.

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Guess what SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication — Partnership of Light Interbank Telecommunications) — tse global payment system. The effects of the system are considered to be on your own, let's think about Russian banks and business, and on the development of the blood-bearing system of the economy. Well, I’ll do my job not to stink, but if you transfer the Russian economy from the "kam'yanu dobu" and significantly more expensive and rizke improvement of financial flows.


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