Switzerland may freeze the capital of the Russian Federation in the country and impose sanctions against Putin

Switzerland may freeze capital of the  P> U & NBSP; Pon Lyelok, 28 Lyuto, U & Nbsp; Swiss Virizvatim NBSP about those, Chi & NBSP; Hollіduvatim CSA & NBSP; KRAYA ACCLUGE LOW CHAIR CHAIRA, U & NBSP; TO THE NUMBERS & NBSP; USA, about the introduction of SanTee Rosіya for & NBSP; Agresia in & nbsp; Україні. </p>
<p>As  reported to Reuters, the President of Switzerland, Ignazio Cassis, said that such a development is “more imaginative”. Food virishuvatemeetsya at the later meeting of the Federal Assembly.</p>
<p> The SDA agency states that the problem of possible sanctions against the President of the Russian Federation, Volodymyr Putin, will also be discussed at the meetings. The rest of the decision on the freezing of capital in May was praised for the improvement of the neutral status of Switzerland.</p><!-- adman_adcode (middle, 1) --><script async=

Having said, that Switzerland is ready to propagate its diplomatic services, as if negotiations between Ukrainian and Russian officials on the Belarusian cordon will not   Tse not order us to call speeches by their proper names» , — Adding VIN.

Guessing that a lot of the country is closing its sky for the litaks of Russia; em>


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on Google News Switzerland may freeze capital of the country implement sanctions against Putin Switzerland may freeze capital RF in the country apply sanctions against Putin