Symbolize women

Symbolizing women


Too often in the shadows, Michelle Gendron nevertheless contributed greatly to the development of many sports in Quebec for about half a century. By being inducted into the Sports Hall of Fame, as a builder, she highlights all those who have worked hard like her without necessarily attracting the spotlight. 

” The role of women in the administration of sport remains unknown even today “, underlines the one who occupied for many years the role of coordinator in the department of strategic communications for Sports Québec. 

” With this nomination, I feel that I symbolize many women who have been involved in the evolution of sport. ” 

For decades, it was therefore Michelle Gendron who was involved in all political files involving Sports Québec and, consequently, the various sports federations. This induction, which recognizes her as a pioneer of communications in the community of federated sport, will highlight her entire career this evening. 

” It's very special, because it there aren't many builders in the Sports Hall of Fame and even fewer among those who have a profile similar to mine”, mentions the 70-year-old lady, who also says she is very happy to be elected at the same time. another woman as builder, Olga Hrycak.


Before 2022, only six women had been inducted by the Panthéon des sports du Québec in the “builders” category, namely Pat Ramage (1996), great lady of alpine skiing and biathlon, Julie Sauvé (2015) and Suzanne Éon (2016), for their involvement in synchronized swimming, then Brigitte Frot (2017) and Sonia Denoncourt (2021), in soccer, not to mention former sports journalist Liliane Lacroix (2019), posthumously.

< p>They are now eight, with Michelle Gendron and Olga Hrycak, against more than sixty men.

“Sport has long been recognized as a man's world, but women have also been involved, particularly in administration,” insists Michelle Gendron.  MADAME DES JEUX DU QUÉBEC ”

The new inductee has also been recognized for her involvement in the Quebec Games finals over the years. 

In the early 1980s, Prime Minister René Lévesque even affectionately called her “the Madame des Jeux du Québec”, a nickname that stuck with her. This is, however, only part of her enormous contribution. 

Now retired, Mrs Gendron continues to be involved as head of the library. from Val-des-Ruisseaux elementary school, near her home in Laval. In passing, she sees, in all lightness, that physical educators do their job well with young people. 

Eight women honored in the category ” builders” over the years  

  • Pat Ramage, alpine skiing and biathlon (1996) 
  • Julie Sauvé, synchronized swimming (2015)&nbsp ;
  • Suzanne Éon, synchronized swimming (2016) 
  • Brigitte Frot, soccer (2017) 
  • Liliane Lacroix, journalism (2019) 
  • Sonia Denoncourt, soccer (2021) 
  • Michelle Gendron, administration (2022) 
  • Olga Hrycak, basketball (2022)