Symptom of bowel cancer, which we ignore

Intestinal tumors are the most serious types of cancer. And success in their treatment depends on how early we can identify the main symptoms

Симптом рака кишечника, который мы игнорируем

According to statistics, intestinal tumors occur in one man out of every 15, and one woman out of every 18 during their life. Statistics also show that bowel cancer is the second view of the lethality of malignant neoplasms in the Western world. Only in the UK dies from it 44 people every day, and every 15 minutes is diagnosed with a new tumor. It is very important to detect bowel cancer at an early stage, when chances of beating him by the most high, but, unfortunately, people often ignore its symptoms, including your primary.

We are talking about bleeding from the rectum, which we observed during and after defecation. The vast majority of people facing similar bleeding, take them for the investigation of the inflamed hemorrhoids or anal fissures. Some believe that this is a symptom of inflamed bowel. Oncologists tell their patients with bowel cancer at 15 months in a row treat yourself from constipation and diarrhoea, before understand that it is something else, and they still need to meet with a specialist.

Alas, sometimes tumors of the intestine do find in the later stages, and to do it with anything. But the number of cases shows that if people are more attentive to such symptoms as bleeding after defecation, if they go to the doctor to check the cause of this phenomenon, their projections in the fight against tumors would have been much brighter. You should not hesitate to discuss these problems with doctors.