Symptom that may indicate imminent death

Scientists from the Institute for health, health care policy and aging research of Rutgers University in new York reported that symptoms of depression increase in the last month of life. The study is published on the website of the University.

Симптом, который может указывать на скорый уход из жизни

Experts have studied data on the health 3274 people. Participants were provided full information about their disease and also indicated the level of income and education.

At risk were women, young people and people with low income. It turned out that the peak of the depression falls on the last month of life — more than half of study participants all the signs intensified.

A year before the woman’s death and more suffering from depression than men — three lines against the two. Among the common symptoms — poor sleep, sadness, loneliness, fatigue from daily efforts, constant sadness, lack of motivation.

Rates of depression remained relatively stable from 12 to 4 months before death, and then rose steadily. Four months before death in 42% of participants had at least three symptoms of depression, and one month to 59%.

Earlier it was reported that depression is common worldwide: it affects more than 300 million people. It can be a serious disorder, especially if this condition is delayed and takes a moderate or severe form. In the worst cases can lead to suicide.

There is a relationship between depression and physical health. For example, cardiovascular disease can lead to the development of depression and Vice versa.