Symptoms and treatment of vestibular migraine

Doctors told how you can recognize symptoms of vestibular migraine and what to do to get rid of the pain.

Симптомы и способы лечения вестибулярной мигрени

Migraine refers to a category of diseases of the nervous system, so main reason her doctors call stress, anxiety, a regular lack of sleep and emotional tension. Vestibular type of migraine develops due to disorders in the vestibular system of the inner ear, so severe, pulsating pain in the head are added other symptoms.

Most often, vestibular migraine affects people who not by hearsay know what a migraine. Basically, it is girls and women.

These signs indicate that the person is vestibular migraine:

— dizziness;

— weakness in the body;

— violation of coordination of movements;

— pain in the neck;

— discomfort in the eyes and pain when raising the eye upwards, and when turning to the side;

— the feeling of increased pressure in the ears and the head;

noise, ringing in the ears;

— fainting;

— a headache.

Interestingly, the symptoms of a vestibular migraine can occur without headache, which complicates the task to the person, and the doctor to whom he appealed, complaining about their health.

Treatment of vestibular migraine

Neurologist may prescribe drug therapy, namely for preventive drugs, which will eliminate the negative symptoms of vestibular migraine. But it is very important to make lifestyle changes, for example, avoid stress, eat right, move more and be outdoors, to respect the day and sleep at least 7 hours every night.

The best solution for the appearance of these symptoms of vestibular migraine will appeal to the doctor, who will tell you which therapies are most effective in this case.