Symptoms of an approaching heart attack in women

In the British health Foundation (BHF) said about the signs that can be caused by serious heart problems.

Признаки близкого сердечного приступа у женщин

According to doctors, most women before heart attacks experience chest pain that may spread to your left arm and feel nausea, shortness of breath, sweating and dizziness. You may also experience sudden wheezing and unexplained anxiety. Characterized by numbness in the hands and even toothache.

Heart attacks remain the main cause of death for women worldwide, although it is generally believed that a “male” disease. Smoking, diabetes or high blood pressure aggravate the situation.

Hormonal balance in women, reduces the risk of coronary heart disease until menopause, but then he is growing, say the doctors.

You should pay attention if suddenly you began to tire of the everyday things that were previously easy. So, some women who have experienced a heart attack, I remember that shortly before the illness begins to tire of simple and familiar actions, e.g. taking a shower or retracting the bed.