Symptoms of the Ebola virus, Dengue fever and malaria: discovered a previously unknown deadly disease

A woman from the United Republic of Tanzania died of an unknown illness. It is reported by the world health organization (who), says Lenta.Ru.

Симптомы вируса Эболы, лихорадки Денге и малярии: обнаружена ранее неизвестная смертельная болезнь

Photo: Depositphotos

The who has deployed a team of experts for urgent investigation. In addition, the organization asked the Ministry of health of Tanzania to provide additional information about the incident.

The representative of the Centre for control and disease prevention in the United States Justin Williams said that the deceased women were observed symptoms of the Ebola virus, Dengue fever and malaria.

“However, it seems that it’s not something new,” said Williams.

August 7 it became known that in neighboring Tanzania, Democratic Republic of the Congo from disease, Ebola virus disease, 1 August 2018 and February 2019 died almost 100 children. However, over the next six months, this figure has grown four times, and to date the victims were more than 500 children.

Also on 12 August, a student from Voronezh (Russia) died in Moscow of a disease that doctors were unable to diagnose. Illness killed the girl in a few days. First, a student started a fever and very red throat, the next day these symptoms increased vomiting, diarrhea, severe muscle pain and blueing of the extremities. The therapist recommended continuing to accept funds from dehydration. Later she fell into a coma and soon died.