Symptoms that indicate oral cancer

German surgeon Joerg Wiltfang working at the University hospital Schleswig-Holstein, said that patients often attributed the symptoms of cancer the symptoms of other diseases.

Симптомы, указывающие на рак полости рта

According to him, cancer can manifest in different parts of the oral cavity: the sky, buccal mucosa, gums or tongue.

The expert advises to pay special attention to white plaques on mucosa (leukoplakia), red patches (erythroplakia), non-healing wounds in the oral mucosa, chronic swelling or any form of defects mucosa.

Symptoms, which indicate sickness are: severe swelling of the mouth, swollen neck, bleeding, bright or dark spots, difficulty eating, tooth loss, limited mobility of the tongue, increased salivation.

Any tumor in the mouth is a reason to go to the hospital and be checked. It can only be a precancerous condition that can be successfully cured, but may even a small problem.

Often oral cancer provoke Smoking and alcohol, but sometimes the disease occurs in people who never smoked or drank alcoholic beverages, said the surgeon.

Causes cancer can become insufficient oral hygiene, lack of vitamins in the diet, viral and fungal infection, mechanical damage of the mucosa or genetic predisposition.