Symptoms that may indicate hormonal imbalance

Our body, and our life is ruled by hormones. It is very important that they were in the right balance – otherwise it will not be good.

Симптомы, которые могут означать гормональный сбой

When there is a hormonal imbalance, most often it is associated with some disease. And the sooner it is diagnosed, the sooner you can heal and get rid of unpleasant symptoms.

One of the most common signs of hormonal failure of the so-called tides. This is a normal condition for women in menopause, because of hormonal changes. In any other period of life tides – a bad sign. It can be hot flashes, sweating, feeling burning face.

Another frequent hormonal failure is the appearance of lesions on the skin and a General deterioration in her condition. If you suddenly poured out pimples throughout the body, most likely, there is a hormonal imbalance. About the issues with hormones often say racing weight – how rapid weight loss and set. However, most often hormonal failure is characterized by rapid growth of excess weight and not caring previously dialed kilograms.

For women alarm bell should be any changes to the cycle, including the strengthening or reduction of emissions.

Symptoms of hormonal failure can be mood swings, headaches, problems with digestion and sleeping. As a rule, there is not one symptom, but several. For example, if polycystic – a fairly common disease of the ovaries, which interferes with the normal synthesis of hormones, women often face a range of symptoms – weight gain, acne, disorders of the menstrual cycle.