Syndrome night eating: how dangerous is he?

Some of us just can’t do anything about it: waking night hunger sleep deprived and moves to the fridge to eat. What it is: a threat of serious disorder or just a bad habit?

Синдром ночной еды: насколько он опасен?

If the person wakes up with an urgent desire to snack, scientists say about this phenomenon as a syndrome, night eating. What are the causes of mechanisms due to which the night sleep is being interrupted for snacks, in the end, it is not yet clear. Some studies show that its role in this violation may play a hormones. In particular, there is evidence that people with night eating syndrome there is a very low level of melatonin, a hormone that ensures deep and uninterrupted sleep. In turn, the deficiency often is associated with low levels of the hormone leptin, which is responsible for the feeling of satiety.

Besides hormonal imbalance, there are other possible reasons: for example, to inadequate quality of sleep and the associated hunger can cause stress, noise. Late intense exercise also prevents the body to fully relax and contribute to flares of the night’s appetite.

Syndrome night eating disrupts the metabolism. Sleep is usually a physiological condition of the rest of our body in which occurring processes of regeneration happen. Between hour and four hours a night of restorative body work going on with particular intensity, especially hard working liver.

If a person wakes up from hunger, and satisfies it, his metabolism is out of control, scientists say. Is eating disturbs the internal clock, natural biorhythms. This could result in a weakening of the immune system, susceptibility to infections, allergies and ailments.

Regular meals at night is dangerous. If eating at night for you is an exceptional case, not the rule, then serious problems will this cause, the body is able to compensate for rare failures. The problem arises when midnight snacks become a regular. Night food on a regular basis changes the internal clock and metabolism in the longer term, and also contributes to the development of metabolic diseases such as obesity and type II diabetes.

Doctors stress that healthy eating behaviour implies regular meals before sunset.

How to cope with late hunger? Experts give some tips:

  • Do not knowingly buy food for the evening – first and foremost, high-calorie, fatty and sweet. Let availability will only healthy foods – eggs, cheese, yogurt, vegetables and fruits.
  • Create on the way to the fridge any obstacles: for example, goes in front of his Desk or chair, a cover.
  • Eat for lunch healthy sources of carbohydrates: pasta from durum, potatoes, rice. By evening you will be stronger to experience fatigue, and at night – sleep better.
  • Reduce stress in your everyday life: turn off phone and create a soothing environment for yourself.