Syrian restaurant in Toronto closed due to threats of murder (PHOTOS)

Сирийский ресторан в Торонто закрывается из-за угроз убийства (ФОТО)

Popular Syrian restaurant Soufi in Toronto after found himself in the New York Times, announced the closure due to the wave of incoming death threats. This was announced by the owners of the institution.

The family of al-Sufi, who opened his restaurant in 2017 after immigration as refugees to Canada a few years earlier, said in his announcement that the decision to close was hard.

“As a result of the many messages of hate and death threats that we received over the last week, we decided to close the shop,” wrote the family in the instagram account of his establishment. They noted that this decision was taken for the safety of family and employees.

Earlier last week the family of al-Sufi again flashed in the press, but for another reason. On the page in Facebook, they posted an apology due to the fact that their son Alaa took part in the rally Maxim Bernier fundraising. Bernier, the former representative of the Conservative party, last year founded the right, anti-immigration people’s party of Canada.

The protest drew attention, when he appeared in a video in which some participants verbally assaulted and blocked an elderly woman from the entrance to the rally. The family of al-Sufi wrote that their son really was on the protest but was not part of the group that interacted with a woman.

“Alaa regrets that he did not give up and/or stood up for a woman and would not let the act of verbal abuse and wanted to personally bring her an apology,” wrote the family.

“Our families and businesses do not tolerate acts of violence, hatred and aggression in any form and adheres to the ideas of equality, peace and freedom for all people,” they continued. “We are incredibly happy and grateful to be here and in awe of the kindness and warmth of the people of Canada”.

A few days later the family announced the closing of the restaurant.

Journalist David sax, who wrote about the restaurant for the New York Times, after hearing about the closure, wrote in his Twitter that he was shocked and upset, because “they deserve much more.”