Systemic racism in Toronto: police officers more violent towards black people

Systemic racism in Toronto: Police officers more violent towards black people< /p> UPDATE DAY

The Peel Regional Police Service in Ontario used force 3.2 times more often against black people than against white people in 2021, according to the “Toronto Star”.

Last year there were 1121 documented use of force requests by Peel Police and 209 injuries requiring medical attention were reported.

Blacks were involved in 32% of the cases, even though they represent less than 10% of the population of the community. White people make up almost 35% of the population, but are involved in less than a third of violent events recorded by police.

The co-chair of the Anti-Racism Advisory Committee (ARAC), a group recently created to provide some advice to the Peel Police Service, Len Carbyun believes there is a lot of work to be done to combat racism.

“The community is impatient, he said. he told the “Toronto Star” after a meeting Thursday night with officials from the Peel Police Department. We have waited a long time in the hope of seeing change.”

Peel Regional Police Service data shows that officers drew their weapon almost 41% of the time against a black person, compared to only 26.6% of the time when intervening with white people.

“We should be mad at these numbers, especially black people, because we are the highest disproportion [among minorities],” said York University professor Lorne Foster. “What I would really like to know, as a black person, is how many times has an officer drawn a gun against black people who didn't have one?”