Tailgate: woman attacked the Walmart visitors with pepper spray

Social distancing — the need to emphasize power. But one of the visitors Walmart in downtown Washington, D.C., seem to be overdone in this respect, says WJLA.

Не соблюдали дистанцию: женщина напала на посетителей Walmart с перцовым баллончиком

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According to Dominic Gamble, which bought goods in Walmart in the afternoon of April 20, shoppers with baskets lined up waiting to go down in the Elevator to the lower Parking lot.

One of the women, without the necessary masks for the face, stood first in the queue and tried to close the doors in the Elevator before you go in there someone else — she intended to go alone, despite the line of people with heavy baskets. When she objected, the woman said she wanted to observe social distancing.

“The other women got up to the door, says gamble, all tried to stop her, but she used the pepper spray”.

His video shows a woman who tried to enter the Elevator, screaming holding his face. Other buyers brought screaming woman water so she could wash up, while the guard fought with another woman trying to get to the pepper spray.

Dr. Lucy McBride, a doctor working with patients in serious condition, says she’s not surprised by the incident.

“This crisis is not only our physical health but our mental health, but rather, trauma, collective trauma,” said McBride.

“All of us, regardless of whether we have the coronavirus, experience a loss, vulnerability and fear,” she added.

When paramedics arrived at Walmart, the victim refused treatment.

The guards were holding pepper spray until the police arrived. The woman who initiated the conflict, was not arrested or charged either.

Gamble, who witnessed the incident, said, “Just try not to harm anyone during the outbreak of the virus. Just stay at home.”




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