Taiwan, Asia’s first to legalize same-sex marriage, held the largest gay pride parade (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

Тайвань, первым в Азии легализовавший однополые браки, провел самый масштабный гей-парад (ФОТО) (ФОТО)

In the capital of Taiwan Taipei on Saturday, October 26, was the 17th annual gay pride parade under the slogan “Together to make Taiwan better.” According to preliminary data, the event attracted a record number of participants because it took place just five months after Taiwan’s Parliament legalized same-sex marriage.

The organizers said that the event was attended by about 200 thousand people. The procession started at 13:30 local time (08:30 GMT) from the city hall of Taipei. Then the participants of the gay pride walked along the Boulevard to Zhongxiao building of the presidential Palace.

The President of Taiwan, Cai Inveni, head of the “Democratic progressive party” (DPP), expressed its support for this event.

According to the BBC, five months have passed since the legalization of same-sex marriages in Taiwan were married, more than 2,000 same-sex couples, many of them participated in Saturday’s procession.

According to Taiwan law, Taiwan citizens the same sex over 18 years old can officially register their marriage in public institutions. In addition, the second spouse can adopt the biological children of her partner. The new law regulated the rights of same-sex couples to inheritance.

The President of Taiwan, Cai Inwang, who took his post in 2016, supports the legalization of same-sex unions. In may 2017 the Supreme court of Taiwan overturned the definition of marriage in the civil code as a Union solely between a man and a woman. Authorities are given two years to make the necessary changes in the law. However, in November 2018 in the referendum the majority of the population voted for that marriage could only be called a heterogeneous Union.