TAKAYA singer presented the video for the song “Hammered cute”

On the eve of the mystical Friday the 13th, TAKAYA opened the map of the future premiere in new teaser video. Strong, confident and not superstitious artist knows that success awaits her, regardless of the days of the week. TAKAYA — Ukrainian modern pop music with bright national flavor.

Певица TAKAYA представила клип на песню «Вбила милого»

“Friday the 13th for me is always a happy day, and I believe in his mysticism, but only in good. The chorus of the song I wrote 2 years ago, accidentally switching the familiar sound of the piano on the keyboard, and got this “religious motive”, the demo tape was laid more than a year and only last year in collaboration with talented Ukrainian sound producer and a sound engineer Nick Niker (Nick Nicer) we finished writing the song until it ends.”

TAKAYA said.

To the delight of fans, the singer presented Sep not only the song, but the clip, which was directed by Anton Koshevnik, a choreographer, a famous dancer Yevgeny Goncharenko. Among the dancers in the video, you notice Evgeny Dmitrienko, who works with MARUV, MONATIK and is currently a member of the project “Dances with stars z 2019”. Rostislav Sidorenko, fruitfully working with Tina Karol, incredibly flexible award-winning dancer Mikhail Makarov and Alexander of Lithuania from the ballet MONATIK.

Color adds the location where shooting actually took place. She is also one of the unique historical sites is the home of the Countess Uvarova, which is located in the heart of the capital.

According to the Director Anton Koshevniki, history and concept of the clip was based on the fact that the clip plays back just exactly what the song says, but the main emphasis was placed on the fact that the work looked like a story-a satire of a failed love and how this girl is going through after a separation. All this is transmitted through the artificiality and excess in the emotions of the artist, dancers and actors.

The style of the images were borrowed from the TV series “Dynasty”, which entered the top 10 series. Also, the Director has long wanted to bring his desire to shoot something in the Church theme, and here he had a lot of trouble to the Church theme is intertwined with the style of the series and it did not go beyond the boundaries.