Tandem ‘Bender’ and ‘Ukrainian’: how two people from the Soviet Union destroyed the plans trump and caused his impeachment (PHOTO)

Тандем 'Остапов Бендеров' и 'Украинагейт': как два выходца из СССР порушили планы Трампа и стали причиной его импичмента (ФОТО)

Those arrested in the US came from the Soviet Union, businessmen Igor Fruman (from Belarus) and Lev Parnas (from Ukraine), who are considered the protagonists of the scandal erupted, nicknamed “Ukrainian”, was arrested by U.S. authorities at the international airport DULLES in Virginia when I was going to fly to the capital of Austria, Vienna.

The BBC Russian service found out who Fruman and Parnassus, than they are known in Ukraine, what connects them and what role they played in the organization of the talks between Donald trump and Vladimir Zelensky.

Businessmen have been charged with violation of the legislation on the financing of elections in the United States – illegally donated to various structures associated with the Republican party and the election headquarters of the trump 325 thousand dollars. In addition, they tried to exert political influence not only to promote their own financial interests, but to advance the political interests of some Ukrainian officials, which sought the resignation of the US Ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch on the person who will represent their business interests. And businessmen acted as intermediaries in the organization of the negotiations the American representatives with Ukrainian officials, seeking, in particular, the transfer of control of the company “Naftogaz”.

Immigrants from Russia can be released under house arrest after paying bail in the amount of $ 1 million each and the issuance of a surety that they will not try to leave the territory of the United States. All movement of Romana and Parnassus will be monitored using GPS sensors. Next week they will have again to appear before the court, in new York.

As it became known, a few hours before the arrest, the businessmen met with the personal lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani at Trump International hotel in downtown Washington. And the next day after his arrest in the Austrian capital, where gathered the detainees, was supposed to fly and Rudolph Giuliani, attorney trump.

The existence of these businessmen, American and Ukrainian media first learned in may 2019, after returning to Ukraine, his first big interview he gave to the businessman Igor Kolomoisky. Commenting on the statement by Rudolph Giuliani that “election promises of Vladimir Zelensky need to get rid of the criminal oligarchs”, including the Kolomoisky, a businessman reported that the personal lawyer of the President of the United States only repeating what they’ve been told “two crook”.

“In Ukraine there are two scams that are under investigation in the United States. Two “Ostap Bender” that go between the two countries, he said. – Single – Lev Parnas, and another Igor Fruman. They go here in Ukraine, collecting money from people. Say that close to Mr. Giuliani. And what they decide with Mr. Lutsenko (former Prosecutor General of Ukraine) any question”, – said Kolomoisky.

This tandem entrepreneurs mentioned in the complaint anonymous U.S. intelligence officer, who reported on the details of the telephone conversation of July 25, Donald trump and Vladimir Zelensky. This statement served as the formal reason to start the impeachment of the U.S. President, Congress, and Truman and Parnas unexpectedly became key figures in the most sensational political scandal in recent years.

Last week in an interview with the Miami Herald, Lev Parnas, stated that former new York mayor Rudolph Giuliani is his “lawyer and friend”. It’s in his Twitter confirmed that he and Giuliani. But how exactly Parnas and Froman met with a personal lawyer trump, no one was able to figure out.

A Native Of Ukraine, Lev Parnas

A native of Ukraine, Lev Parnas moved to the United States with his parents in 1976 when he was only four years. In the early 90s he tried to do business, selling consumer electronics and organizing container transport of goods from the United States to the republics of the former USSR, and then worked as a broker in several companies engaged in operations with securities, reports the BBC.

In the 90s and early 2000s, Parnas used the name “Larry Parnell” and was co-owner of at least three brokerage companies in Florida.

In 2001, the new York public Prosecutor brought criminal case against one of the companies – Euro-Atlantic Securities, accusing the owners of links with organized crime. In 2003, authorities revoked the license of another brokerage company, Aaron Investment Group, where Parnassus was co-owner after refusing to pay fines for committing financial irregularities. And finally, in 2009, the license has lost another firm, where he worked as a businessman – Basic Financial, LLC.

Last year the businessman appeared before the court after a former business partner accused him of refusing to repay a debt of 500 thousand dollars. Money Lev Parnas took on the production of the Hollywood film called “Anatomy of an assassin” (Anatomy of an Assassin).

To get funds, he even organized in one of new York hotels meeting a potential investor with actor Jack Nicholson. The shooting of the film has not begun, and the proceeds businessman under various pretexts refused to return.

A Native Of Belarus Igor Fruman

Igor Fruman was born in Belarus, moved to the U.S. in the 80s, but most of life spent in Ukraine, where in the end and moved to Miami. In 2005 he married a native of Odessa Elizaveta Naumova, and deployed in this seaside town visible business activity.

During Soviet times, Elizabeth’s father – Valery Naumov was the Director of the shop “Fruit-Vegetables” in the town, and in the early ‘ 90s became one of the most prominent businessmen in the city.

His daughter, according to Ukrainian media, belongs in Odessa jewelry house “Otrada”. Together with Igor Romanom she also owns the company Otrada Luxury Group, which sells expensive cars, yachts and elite alcohol boutique hotel “Otrada” and the eponymous beach club. In Kiev a couple owns the restaurant Buddha-Bar, along with businessman Sergey Dyablo Furman was a co-owner of Balta dairy-canning plant.

In 2013, the plant, the debts of which exceeded 25 million dollars, declared bankruptcy.

In 2017, Elizaveta Naumova filed for divorce, but the dispute about the division of marital property is still ongoing.

What connects Parnassus and Fruman

A few years ago, both brothers joined the Board of Trustees of the charitable organization “American friends of Anatevka”. The Fund, whose main objective is the construction of the village not far from Kiev for Jewish refugees from the East of Ukraine, has created the country’s chief Rabbi Moshe Reuven Asman.

In may of this year at one of the events of the organization as the guest of honor was supposed to be Rudolph Giuliani, and the organizers even said that he will assign him the title of honorary mayor of the town.

At the last moment, however, because of the scandal that erupted after the publication of the New York Times, the lawyer canceled the trip.

As it turned out, the main purpose of the trip personal lawyer trump was supposed to be meeting with Ukrainian officials and find dirt on possible opponents of the U.S. President in the upcoming 2020 election, ex-Vice-President Joe Biden.

The organisation of these meetings were businessmen Truman and Parnassus.

In may 2018 the offshore company Global Energy Producers, a registered business in the state of Delaware, listed the fee in the amount of $325 thousand to one of the election funds that support trump. In the following months, Truman 15 thousand transferred to the election Fund of the former Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, and 35 thousand to the campaign of Republican Adam Putnam and 50 thousand – in the pre-election Fund of a supporter of trump Ron DeSantis.

The accounts of two organizations that support the re-election trump – Victory Trump and Donald J. Trump for President – personally Froman moved the maximum allowed by law amount – $ 2,700. The total amount of donations made by businessmen amounted to 576 thousand.

According to the statutes, the task of creating the company was the supply of liquefied gas to Ukraine to reduce the dependence of Kiev on Russian gas.

Among the recipients of funds from businessmen, was the leader of the Republican minority in the House of representatives Kevin McCarthy. Truman and Parnas in June 2018, the listed related funds $117 thousand

In early may of 2018 businessmen met for dinner with Donald trump at Trump International hotel Washington. A few weeks later they were participants in the Breakfast in Beverly hills with son of the head of the White house Donald trump Jr. and Tommy Hicks, soon took the post of head of the National Committee of the Republican party.

Over the next months Fruman and Parnassus took part in events in the Florida estate trump “Mar-a-Lago” and met on Capitol hill with a number of influential Republicans.

Businessmen do not hide the fact that can offer the Republicans the dirt on a possible candidate for the presidency from the democratic party, Joe Biden, referring to his connections in the higher echelons of the Ukrainian authorities.

Since the end of last year, Truman and Parnas introduced the personal lawyer of the President of the United States Robert Giuliani with several former and current attorneys-General of Ukraine, including Viktor Shokin and Yuriy Lutsenko. The lawyer also met with the then head of the special Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine on the fight against corruption Nazar Holodnick, and this year, after the election victory of Vladimir Zelensky, Giuliani held meetings with the assistant to the new President Adria Yermak.

In may 2018 Truman and Parnas visited in Israel, businessman Igor Kolomoisky, which the Ukrainian authorities had accused of stealing $5.5 billion out of the country. The attempted negotiations failed.

As it became known, during negotiations, businessmen insisted not only on getting from the Ukrainian authorities of the dirt on Joe Biden and the Democrats. Romana and Parnas was interested in and control of the company “Naftogaz”.

With the support of Rudolph Giuliani, the entrepreneurs insisted on the change of leadership leading oil and gas company of Ukraine. It seems, according to businessmen, close associates of Donald trump could help them in this task.