Taras Poplar told how to spend a family vacation

Taras Poplar admitted that his relationship with Elena (singer Alyosha) also experienced some unpleasant crises. Moreover, the couples were moments when the only thing that kept them together is a common children. However, the leader of the band “Antibody” draws attention to the fact that in any situation it is possible to find a compromise.

Тарас Тополя рассказал, как проводит семейных отдых

By the way, Topol admitted that his wife “incredibly exciting”. So, in an exclusive interview to the program “Ranok z with Ukraine”, which airs weekdays at 6:30 on the channel “Ukraine”, leader of the band “Antibody” Taras Poplar said, he loves to spend his free time with his family, and who is holding them back, when relationship problems occur.

Despite the tight schedule, Taras Poplar and Alyosha have time to devote time to raising two sons. Even when there is no possibility to go to a full an extended leave, the man gathers the entire family together at least for a few hours.

“In Kiev there is a forest of Pushcha Vodytsya, which I since the childhood had a rest. There are lakes, and springs. When I want to relax, take the car and go on a picnic, to kindle a huge fire guys have a jump, and then simmer it and let’s go home”, – said the leader of the band “Antibody” in the broadcast channel “Ukraine”.

According to Taras poplars, in their with Elena relations were such moments of crisis, when restrained only by the children.

“We are well aware that sexual desire, passion – it all remains, but is fading. And then there should be some things on which to build a Union. At some point people begin to interfere, they are annoying element for each other. When two loving people become antagonists and throw against each other a pile of dirt, and if in the well-known families – the press relishes it with pleasure. We have two children, it’s such a huge magnet that keeps because we love them and any problems are overcome with this love that exists between us. Including a love for children and desire them a good future”, – said Taras Poplar.