Taras Shevchenko admitted by the offender at the Odessa court

Тараса Григорьевича Шевченко признали правонарушителем в Одесском суде

Artsyz district court drew Taras Shevchenko to administrative responsibility.

About it the correspondent 048.ua.

Artsyz district court of Odessa region brought to administrative responsibility of Taras Shevchenko, who was driving the moped with obvious signs of alcoholic intoxication. At the hearing the offender guilty of committing an administrative offense recognized and explained that before you get behind the wheel of a moped, drank alcoholic drink. From blowing alkotestery and passing the examination in the medical institution in accordance with the law, he refused.

For the committed administrative offense, Taras Shevchenko to pay a fine of $ 10,200 (ten thousand two hundred) UAH without deprivation of the right of management by vehicles as a driver’s license, he did not receive in principle.