Target and Walmart still selling the recalled deadly sanitizer for hands

A list of hazardous disinfectants for hands is growing daily at an alarming rate, and in some stores they still have on the shelves. Among them, Target and Walmart, the two largest retailer in the US that still sell disinfectants for the hands, contains toxic methanol. This writes Newsweek.

Target и Walmart до сих пор продают отозванные смертельно опасные санитайзеры для рук

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Growing list of revoked sanitizers for hands Administration on control over products and medicines USA (FDA) has increased again over the weekend. And on the shelves above two retailers they’re still there.

Like many other disinfectants for hands containing methanol, revoked sanitizer also contain a toxic alcohol.

The FDA stated that “significant exposure to methanol may cause nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, damage to the nervous system or death. Although all people use these products only on his hands, the younger children are in danger. They might accidentally swallow these products, and some drinking sanitizer as a substitute for alcohol (ethanol). They are most at risk of methanol poisoning”.

Some of the recently mentioned recalled products include Scent Theory Keep Clean and Keep It Clean, Basic, Born, and Lux Eoi hand sanitizers. At Target sold by the sanitizer for hands Born Basic Anti-Bac, and Walmart sold Scent Theory. Walmart previously sold the disinfectant for hands Blumen, which is also withdrawn.

The FDA has listed side effects of toxic disinfectants.

“Consumers who were exposed to the disinfectant for hands containing methanol should immediately seek help, which is very important for the possible elimination of the toxic effects of methanol poisoning, — said the Agency. — Significant exposure to methanol may cause nausea, vomiting, headache, blurred vision, permanent blindness, seizures, coma, irreversible damage to the nervous system or death.”

As regards the recently withdrawn disinfectants for hands in Walmart and Target, here are the batch numbers for each product.

  • Scent Theory Keep Clean, 16.9 oz bottle: 1633220, 1733220, 1833220, 1933220, 2033220, 2133220, 2233220, 2333220, 2433220, 2533220, 2633220, 2733220, 2833220, 2933220, 3033220, 3133220, 3533220, 32332203323 3633220, 3733220, 3833220, 3933220, 4033220 and 4133220.
  • Scent Theory Keep It Clean, 16.9 oz bottle: 0133220, 0233220, 0333220, 0433220, 0533220, 0633220, 0733220, 0833220, 0933220, 1033220 1133220, 1233220, 1333220, 1433220 and 1533220.
  • Born Basic Anti-Bac, 9,5 oz: 0133720 and 0233720.
  • Born Basic Anti-Bac, 16.9 oz bottle: 0833420, 0933420, 1033420, 1133420, 1233420, 1333420, 1433420, 1533420, 1633420, 1733420, 1833420, 1933420, 2033420, 2133420, 2233420, 2333420 2433, 2333420 2433 2833420 and 2933420.
  • Born Basic Anti-Bac, 34 oz: 0133420, 0233420, 0333420, 0433420, 0533420 and 0633420.
  • Lux Eoi Born Basic Anti-Bac, 16.9 oz bottle: 0133920, 0233920 and 0333920.

Disinfectant for hands is usually recommended to maintain your hands clean in public areas. Many of them contain methanol, which can be toxic if ingested or absorbed through the skin.

For people who want to constantly clean your hands, the FDA and CDC recommend washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds as needed or several times a day — and observe the rules of hygiene. Disinfectants for hands is recommended for use in public places, if the product contains at least 60% ethanol.



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