Tariffs for electricity will grow from 1 November (PHOTO)

Тарифы на электричество вырастут с 1 ноября (ФОТО)

The energy Council of Ontario (OEB) announced that the electricity tariffs for individuals and small businesses will grow next week.

The Agency informs that the rates will increase by approximately $1,99 or 1.8% for the average household that uses 700 kilowatt-hours per month.

The provincial government said in March that it will continue to subsidize electricity tariffs and to withhold any increase in the rate of inflation.

The Council stated that the new tariffs which, according to calculations by the OEB, “consistent with” the level of inflation, will come into force on 1 November, and this will be reflected in the accounts for several weeks from this date.

Prices are rising partly because of the public policies for reflection the actual supply cost in the accounts presented for payment, and partly due to the reconstruction of the plant.

Also next week in the receipts for payment of electricity will appear a new line that displays what benefits the province provides to consumers.