Tariffs for water supply will rise to 15-20%

The national Commission for state regulation in energy and utilities adopted a decision on the value of Central water supply and drainage system for 43 companies.

Тарифы на водоснабжение будут повышаться до 15-20%

About it reports “Hvil” citing the official website of the national Commission.

According to the tariffs for water supply will rise to 15-20%, depending on the region. For example, in Kiev will be increased by 13.6% to 11.2 UAH for 1 m3 (excluding VAT) for drainage will increase by 6.3% to 7.96 UAH for 1 m3 (not including VAT).

As explained by the water supply industry, is now significantly raised the tariffs on electricity and materials. So the price increase is due not only to the financial and economic condition of the enterprises, but also the need to raise the minimum social guarantees and salary levels for their employees.

In addition, the statements of the licensee attached the treatment of the local councils that also believe that higher tariffs are economically justified.