Tarot-a forecast of the Zodiac Signs for October 2019

Таро-прогноз Знакам Зодиака на октябрь 2019 года


A forecast of October 2019 will be a great help for those who want to change lives for the better and time to get trouble side. Because of tips the major Arcana, a representative of the Mirror circle will be able to plan things a month in advance.

The interpretation of the cards is an individual process and requires attention. All, without exception, the signs of the Zodiac, it is important to remember that classifications are only Advisory in nature, and every word of advice is to try to deeply understand what warning major Arcana. Experts of the site recommend the practice of interpretation of the hands in a relaxed atmosphere, to not hurt anybody and not knocked down with the right thoughts. In the interpretation of the cards will help the inner voice. Before you begin to decipher, is to train using exercises to develop intuitive abilities.

“Moon” tells the rams on fears and insecurity. For this lasso in the beginning of October will have to face difficulties on the way to the goal, and the rams have to go through these trials with your head held high. The card also indicates the importance of bridging complexes that hinder personal development and happiness.

The hermit says that in the middle of the month Aries will be able to leave the worries and hassle to yourself. This lasso should pay attention to personal needs, and to deal with goals and tasks to choose is paramount.

On the map, “Moderation” in the second half of October, the Aries, it is important to be careful in everything. Fate will test their strength and, therefore, should train patience, which is not just rescue in questionable situations. This card’s success will not keep you waiting, if you do not jump to conclusions and to renounce impulsive action in favor of the search for inner balance.


“Empress” indicates Calves that October, they will be able to start actively and usefully for the future. This card’s prospects for development will in all spheres of life, so Taurus it is important to adapt to changes and not to bury their talents in the ground. Often this card indicates that change for the better has already begun, and Taurus need to be retrained from the old to the new, to progress.

Justice says that any action the Bulls should consider and weigh, in order to avoid mistakes. Advice cards — to play fair, don’t try to cheat and deceit to usurp the good. Those who are in the middle of October will experience difficulties, you should think about what action last caused the current problem, and find a way to rectify the situation.

“Chariot” suggests that the Bulls at the end of the month will be able to make the final push to the goal. This card’s activity and responsibility for your actions attract good luck, and for those who will procrastinate and doubt, is unlikely to quickly come to success.


“Star” says that the Twins started the case will progress without delay, but the results will not appear immediately. The lasso indicates that the creative work will give positive shoots, and in the future, the Twins can be proud of yourself for your journey and the reward.

“The Hierophant” represents the internal component, morality, intelligence and wisdom, which would not allow the Twins to cross the line. The Board card is to strengthen relationships, to trust and to abandon all that is contrary to the laws of ethics.

“The hanged man” suggests that the end of October will be for Twins is not the easiest. On this map the possible suspension cases for reasons beyond the Twins circumstances. In such a situation it is important to remain calm and to have a backup plan in order to move on to other things and not waste time.


The beginning of October will meet the Crayfish with the wind of change. On the map, “Death” Cancers will be able to put an end to the things that do not make sense to continue to get rid of toxic relationships, to change something in life. Change must happen, otherwise, anxiety, imperfection and unrealized energy will prevent to enjoy life.

The middle of the month, according to the map “the Devil”, will be quite difficult. Cancers after October 15 should cultivate willpower not to succumb to provocations. The shadow side can take the upper hand over them, and then the massive plans will have to forget. To cope with difficulties with a positive attitude and the refusal by pandering to their whims.

“The sun” symbolizes success and victory, and so, in the end of the month, Cancers will be able to get rid of all that oppresses them, to complete the necessary proceedings and to afford proper rest. The Council to present himself well, to learn to receive joy even from minor events, and with a smile to greet each new day.


On the map “Moon” to the Lions in early October, it is important to cope with inner fears and contradictions that hinder the active life and development. Advice cards — not to listen to prejudice and not to wander in a world of illusions, which will not help you become happier.

“Court” indicates that by mid-month the Lions will be able to cope with any problems, to overcome obstacles and to get the award. Literally, this card promises to win in litigation, the return of the good name and change for the better. According to this map, the Lions will be able to fulfill the cherished desire, if I accepted the case with full responsibility, not putting off tomorrow what you can accomplish today.

Arkan “Magician” talks about perseverance and determination: they will help the Lions at the end of October to come to a long-awaited finish line. On this map it is important to remember about honesty, not try to cheat or to cheat. The lasso indicates new opportunities that will become available to those who are not afraid of change and can adapt to rapidly changing conditions.


The card “the Fool” in the situation of the Virgins indicates that in early October they will once again review all of what they are doing to eliminate errors and omissions. This work will allow in the future to avoid missteps and successfully completed.

The card “Death” symbolizes a period of transition, when Virgo will be able to draw a clear line between the past and the present. On this map it is important to understand that you need time to stop and not to continue to do what has no effect on the future life. Advice cards — do not resist change, not to be hostages of their own lack of foresight and not stagnate in one place.

“The Emperor” indicates the will to win, perseverance and logic. All this will help Virgo to achieve the desired result. On this map the second half of October you need to focus on the best traits, and eliminate arrogance, from which nothing but trouble.


The beginning of the month on the card “Magician” promises the Scales, particularly in work. This Arcanum is important to be proactive and creative, and also not to cross the line and abandon the dishonest ways to prosperity.

On the card “the Hierophant” Scales is to understand which things no longer need attention and what you can leave behind. The Board card — to dedicate themselves to meaningful work that leads to success and to weigh any decision to then not to suffer from their own impulsiveness.

“Sun” indicates the Scales on a beautiful end of October. This map in life there are positive developments, things are improving and the objectives are achieved effortlessly. According to this Arcana, Libra will be able to establish business and personal relationships, as well as to improve the financial position in the short term.


“World” in the case of Scorpions points to achieve everything that was planned. For this lasso in the beginning of October will have the opportunity to put an end to complex cases, and to determine further development. Scorpio it is important to remember that any business will lead to success, if you achieve inner harmony and control the emotions.

Map “Fool” the Scorpions it is important to closely monitor everything they do, and to avoid negligence. This card’s trouble waiting only for those in a hurry, goes to unreasonable risk or shift their responsibilities to other shoulders.

“Justice” refers to the Scorpions that they must be responsible for every act and even the word. If at the end of October, the Scorpions will start difficulties, this means that you need to reconsider their behavior, to play the game honestly and don’t try to fool the environment.


In the beginning of the month on the card “the Sun” the Archers will be able to overcome any obstacles, to cope with inner fears and contradictions, as well as to fulfill the cherished dream. For this lasso in life shifts, and thus the beginning of October is the perfect time to believe in yourself and start to act.

“Lovers” in the balance archers mean temporary difficulties. The map indicates a point of no return, when decisions cannot be undone, so in mid-October, Archers should carefully analyze the situation to find the best way out of this situation.

“Court” heralds the end of the difficulties. By this Arcanum the last ten days of month, the Archers will get good news, can put an end to the complex case and also to find a way to improve financial situation.


In early October on the card “the Hanged man” Capricorn expects a temporary suspension of business. On this map it is important to understand what brought the Goats to a standstill, what actions were futile and that we should not waste time. The event analysis will help to get out of the predicament.

“Empress” tells the goats for a happy resolution to the difficulties the path to growth and development in the business environment and in personal life. On this map the rush is to exclude, to again step on the same rake. The care and thoughtful solutions will save you from trouble and bring them closer to success.

“The Emperor” in the scenario says that Capricorns have the desire to organize his life. On this map you will be able to do everything that was planned, but under condition of observance of discipline and rules.


Map “Lovers” Aquarius in early October will make a responsible decision that will determine their fate. Often on this map, you have to make small sacrifices, to later time to get more and to compensate for temporary hardship or difficulty.

“Justice” calls on Aquarius to honesty, especially to yourself. On this map every action must be carefully considered, because of the bad deeds and words affect the well-being and lead to the destruction of happiness.

“Magician” talks about the resourcefulness and optimism. According to this Arcana, the Aquarians will be able to realize bold dreams, and in mid-October, this will be all the conditions. The Council to use its potential and not be afraid of difficulties, overcoming of which will help to temper the spirit and learn something new.


“Devil” tells the Fish to the obstacles in the beginning of the second month of autumn. This lasso morals of Fish will be tested for strength, which requires the representatives of this Sign to collect will in a fist and resist the temptation. Otherwise, the trouble will fall like a horn of plenty, and restore your good reputation will not immediately.

On the card “the Hierophant” the Fish have to decide on what they will be doing during the month. The Board card — to devote himself to only those cases that make sense and lead to development and not hinder it.

Moderation encourages the Fish to exercise caution. The Lasso appears in the balance in those moments when people need a reminder of what the rush will be detrimental to the planned Affairs. Prudence will not fail to fall into the hands of fraudsters.