Tarot forecast for the week of 23 to 29 September, 2019

Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

To cope with the vicissitudes of life and not to lose personal success will help advice the major Arcana. Learn about what can occur in life in the period from 23 to 29 September to trouble spared.

Representatives of the Zodiacal constellations, the experts of the website dailyhoro.ru advised not to lose heart under any circumstances, because the fate generously those who are not afraid of difficulties. Through the Tarot readings of the cards everyone will be able to find the right path to happiness and in a timely manner to protect yourself from unwanted events, if you carefully analyze the situation. Reflects only the recommendations, and then everyone will be able to change fate for the better, if you learn to listen to inner voice and to distinguish important alarms of the Universe.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

“The Hierophant” promises Aries prosperity, but they will have to ask for the best traits. Virtue and the absence of outbursts of anger will lead to success, and the indulgence of momentary whims, on the contrary, slow down the path to a prosperous life.

“MAG” indicates the rams, that in the last week of September, they will be able to succeed, if you show resourcefulness. Dormant talents, it is time to awaken, not to miss out on personal gain and to develop in a new direction. Such activities will help to expand the horizons and attract in life is material well-being.

The Arcanum “the Moon” symbolizes the dusk, reflecting the state of the Rams: the guesswork, misconceptions, fears. Arkan highlights the problems, which Aries is difficult to take a step towards happiness, therefore, representatives of fiery constellations it is important to take itself in hands and to understand that thoughts are material, and if you think positive, negativity will be felt.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

Earlier in the week on the card “the Tower” the Bulls will be able to destroy not only the stereotypes but also personally built the walls that prevent you to expand your horizons. To do this they will need courage and faith in themselves.

“Mir” indicates the completion difficulties and the happy resolution. For this lasso in life comes prosperity, and Calves is important not to overlook the gifts of fate. For this you need to see the happy signs of the Universe and go where indicates the heart.

“Wheel of fortune” refers to unforeseen circumstances, manage to succeed only if the Bulls will be able to accept his fate. To act contrary is not necessary, because the wrong decisions will lead nowhere and take away from the awards.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

“The sun” tells the Twins at the end or overcoming of crisis situations. For this lasso in life are only positive developments, but the Twins early to relax. Enjoy the victory for too long, not worth it, otherwise you can miss out on new opportunities.

“Moderation” calls for the Twins to be cautious. On this map, things are moving in a positive direction, however, the rush can cause delays and error, which path to success will become much longer.

“The devil” warns the Twins about what is in their hands and will power, and other benefits, which can become a source of pride. The Board cards are to be elevated above the rest, because in an instant happiness can turn into defeat, and under the feet will be not a pedestal, and the new stairs will have to go through to achieve victory.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

“The devil” indicates Cancers in the turbulent early weeks. This Arcanum, they will test that should pass with flying colours, otherwise the luck will turn away. The Council to listen to the voice of reason and not to indulge emotions that will lead to a dead end and will leave with nothing.

“Emperor” suggests that Cancers will be able to control the circumstances of life, but in order to put it all together, you need to take into account the mood. Positive thinking and kindness will not allow you to stumble and make enemies.

“Power” symbolizes a breakthrough and completion difficulties. All that is required from Cancers — not to lower hands and to not be afraid of work. Fate will necessarily reward those who are working honestly and not trying to acquire benefits through the exploitation of outsiders.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

“The sun” tells the Lions in the ability to overcome misconceptions and to escape from the captivity of illusions that prevent development. This lasso is much easier to achieve the goal, and then take a break, to restore forces and to celebrate the victory with your loved ones.

“Justice” refers to the Lions at a time when the past is reflected in reality, and each person gets exactly what they deserve by their actions. To those who have not committed anything wrong, fate is sure to be supportive.

On the map, “the Emperor” Leos will be able to make a breakthrough in the business environment. Advice cards — not to indulge pride, which will play havoc and cause trouble. Also, the card indicates the overcoming of the financial crisis, but the Lions need to work actively and not to transfer the completion of an important for an indefinite time.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

The virgins of the Empress promises only positive. Appearing in the scenario, the Lasso indicates growth and the emergence of a new. This process can not interfere, and hence from 23 September, the rush is best forgotten so as not to frighten capricious fortune.

“The high priestess” talks about the need to trust your feelings. This map Virgo can rely on intuition, which will not fail at the crucial moment will help to make the right decision.

“Peace,” symbolizes victory over weaknesses, finding their place under the sun and a pleasant Outlook. This map will not be difficult to achieve the ultimate goal, if you believe in the best and not to listen to the advice of those who have no idea of what personal happiness for Dev.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

On the card “the Hierophant” in the beginning of the week Libras it is important to follow the chosen position and not shift responsibility to other shoulders. This tactic will lead to success and immunity from error. In addition, Monday luck is on their side, and therefore, you can safely establish business and personal contacts, to bury the hatchet and reach compromises with family members.

“Mir” indicates the goal and the attainment of harmony. Weights can not worry about the outcome of cases that result in success. Also the lasso fails to fulfill the most cherished dreams, using proven technology.

“Emperor” refers to the success in the business environment. On this map, with Thursday night you can easily plan transactions and major purchases. Also the harness indicates the presence of patrons, thanks to which it will be easier to resolve contentious issues.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

“Court” indicates that all natural. In the beginning of the week Scorpios will be able to put an end to controversial issues, to seek justice and begin a new stage of life in which there is no place for resentment and betrayal.

“Moon” points to the inner fears and concerns that make it difficult to make a decisive step towards the dream or the previously set goals. Tip card — not fear of the unknown, so as not to miss the attractive offers and do not remain on the sidelines in the shadow of more successful competitors.

“Justice” calls for the Scorpions to honesty and responsibility. This map in life will change and how they will be positive, depends on the behavior of Scorpions in the recent past.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

“Justice” tells the archers to the need to live in harmony with his conscience. For this lasso in life, there is a natural event, and if in the past Archers were no missteps, the gifts will not be forthcoming.

On the map, “the Court,” the Archers will be able to put an end to the problematic cases that are difficult to live happily. Advice cards — not to be angry and not to pander to the offense, to get rid of bad emotions so the anger did not become the beginning of a new round of trouble.

Magician is a card of leadership and perseverance. This lasso wins is set up for success and not afraid of difficulties. The Council of lasso is to perform the work honestly and on time, then to enjoy a well-deserved award.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

Arkan “the Court” promises to Capricorns the resolution of a difficult situation or solving the problem. This Arkan it is important to stay the course and to act according to the law. In this case, justice will prevail, the guilty will be punished, and good luck will not turn away.

“Star” is considered a guardian angel and Capricorns will be able to achieve any goal. The Board cards — no rush, but not to postpone important matters. Leisurely and thoughtful work will allow you to avoid missteps and protect against embarrassing blunders.

“Wheel of fortune” tells of a time when fate makes a sharp turn. Based on this map in the scenario, at the end of September Capricorns expect a change, and that they were for the better, it is not necessary to oppose them. Not necessarily they will entail decisive action. It is not excluded that Capricorns will only have to observe in order to make a breakthrough and to put an end to them.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

The beginning of the week will be held for Aquarius is not easy. According to the map “Lovers”, they have to make a serious choice, which life will begin to change for the better. Jump to conclusions is not necessary, because the decision will depend on personal happiness and prosperity.

The “devil” points to the problems associated with the temptations. For this lasso in the middle of the week Aquarius will have to practice will power not to deviate from our path and reach the goal without delay. The Council to listen to the arguments of reason and not to indulge in momentary whims.

The Empress symbolizes growth and development, and so, in late September, the Aquarius will understand that you are on the right path. This lasso can be accomplished, but not in the near future. Aquarians who are able to achieve harmony within yourself, will be able to get rid of any problems and obstacles and to achieve excellent results in the foreseeable future.


Таро-прогноз на неделю с 23 по 29 сентября 2019 года

The last week of September will start to Fish from the card “Strength”. This harness is in any endeavor will lead to success, if you leave the doubt and not be afraid of work. Advice cards — not to postpone for tomorrow what you can perform now.

In the middle of the week, according to the map “the Hanged man”, the Fish will encounter temporary difficulties and the inability to continue a scheduled case. In this regard, on September 25 it is important to stop and do work on the bugs, and also make sure that started the case is really worth the effort and time spent.

The Arcanum “Justice” points to win, so the Fish need not fear of ill-wishers and envious. Everyone will get what they deserve, so it is important to follow the rules and to abandon plans to take revenge for the inconvenience. Otherwise fate may play a cruel joke and to punish the Fish for the presumption with the utmost rigor.