Tasty product to reduce the risk of diabetes and cancer

To stay healthy, a day you need to eat 400-500 grams of vegetables, fruits and berries, said dietitian Elena Solomatina.

Вкусный продукт, снижающий риск развития диабета и рака

According to her, the undoubted leaders in a positive effect on the human body are berries, as they prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

Studies have proved that berries are not only delicious, low in calories, but very useful.

— These products are shown in diabetes, stimulate the kidneys and improve vision, said the doctor.

Berries are antioxidants that increase cell regeneration, whereby there is a “rejuvenation effect”, said the medic.

Berries contain pectin, which produce the synthesis of the desired substances return to normal cholesterol and protect against the negative effects of radiation, improve metabolism.

Blueberries, cranberries, blackberries, cranberries, black currants, sea buckthorn, strawberries, raspberries – you can choose to your taste. The berries can be eaten fresh or can be cooked on the basis of their different drinks and desserts. People with type II diabetes, you need to remember normal sugar.

Most berries are also healthy and tasty frozen as fresh.