Tata Steel mine: the blockade continues in Schefferville

Tata Steel mine: blockade continues at Schefferville


Innu demonstrators maintained their presence on the railway line on Monday to demand environmental commitments from the mining company. On Sunday, a meeting between demonstrators and representatives of Tata Steel failed to resolve the impasse. 

Tata Steel Canada remains silent on the consequences of this judgment. traffic on the railway leading to his mine.

Since September 5, the company has been in a situation of force majeure because it can no longer transport iron ore from its Schefferville mine to Sept-Îles.

Deliveries of fuel oil, necessary for the activities of the mine, are also interrupted.

According to information obtained by TVA Nouvelles, production at the mine is reduced to a minimum, while the end of summer and autumn are two periods of high production for Tata Steel. Normally, three to four trains of iron ore leave the Schefferville mine each week.

Tata Steel Canada has confirmed to TVA Nouvelles that representatives of the company met on Sunday with the participants in the blockade to hear their demands.

“As for the rest, we are putting all our energies and resources into to resolve this situation as soon as possible”, specified by email the Vice-President of Human Resources at TataSteel Canada, Éric Luneau.

In a press release, the Committee on the Rights of First Peoples indicated that environmental issues motivate protesters to continue the blockade. Concerns about the health of the population have also been raised.

“Once we have written confirmation from the leaders of the mining company, we will be able to end the blockade of this railway “, maintained in the press release a demonstrator, Pauline Aster.

It was not possible to know precisely the confirmations expected by the demonstrators who are not available to grant interviews.