Tatyana Kotova posed in dress with deep cleavage

The singer indulges fans of candid snapshots.

Татьяна Котова позировала в платье с глубоким декольте

The former participant of group “VIA Gra” Tatiana Kotova, fascinated fans with a new seductive image.

The star posed in dress with deep cleavage, holding both hands over the breast. The photo she posted on his page in Instagram.

“Dancing always help us to Express our emotions and feelings! And dance moves to disperse the blood in the body and increase the level of happiness hormone that raises the mood in any situation, proven! And importantly, it gives you energy for the whole day not only us, but others as well. Share your dance – share your mood”, signed it under the photo, on which the seductive teeth holding a flower.

Followers of the singer noted in a review that the frame was very bright and reminded of summer.

“Super-duper”, “What photo hot and alive”, “How solar you have a photo. Once the summer is over”, “Very beautiful, not to look away”, “Luxurious” – he responded to the fans.